40. photophilous


Growing or functioning best in strong light.

17. clinophilia


The love of beds; the love of going to bed.

38. lygophilia


The love of darkness.

From Ancient Greek λύγη (lugē, “twilight”) and φιλέω (phileō, “I love”).


22. logophile


A lover of words.

34. electrophile

In general, electrophiles are positively charged species that are attracted to an electron rich centre. In chemistry, an electrophile (literally electron-lover) is a reagent attracted to electrons that participates in a chemical reaction by accepting an electron pair in order to bond to a nucleophile. Because electrophiles accept electrons, they are Lewis acids (see acid-base reaction theories). Most electrophiles are positively charged, have an atom that carries a partial positive charge, or have an atom that does not have an octet of electrons.

24. ailurophilia


One who loves cats.

21. chasmophilous


Fond of nooks, crevices and crannies.