Dear Lovetrons,

I have travelled, oh how I have travelled. Near, and so near you might slip through a lepton and find yourself someone else. Far, and far out. Sometimes, even the most diffuse of us desire a place to coalesce. Home is where the heart is, or if you don’t have a heart, home is where you hang your hat, or if you don’t have a head and don’t utilize gravity to keep things on hooks, perhaps home is not a useful concept to you. But love! Love is cosmically translatable into 1.7 billion macrofrequencies and as a concept, is unsurpassed.

Over my many travels I have found a cosmic commonality - that we are all searching, seeking, suctioning. For the true seekers I have invented a new way of finding. I give to you

True Love Technology

No more swiping right.  (As if everyone has a right…) No more exhausting second dates. Find out if you are a true love match with just one photograph. Have you ever gazed at a strange object and wondered if they were the one, the 340 or the .02? I can determine if you and a potential object are a true love match through a simple picto-entanglement analysis which I have recently set to collaborate with your “internet” platforms. 100% correct results are mathematically inevitable.

True love awaits.

Here are the steps!

1)    Respectfully approach an object you’re interested in. Get senses of them. The object might like to be touched or held.

2)    Have your ‘photo’ taken with the object by a TRUE LOVE TECH specialist.

3) As most of the objects are not self-locomoting, please return them to their preferred hangout after taking the photo.

4)    Wait for results! The process is just that simple. Time for results varies based on material and temporal factors but correct results are always 100% mathematically inevitable.  


Beta Pink