Who is Beta Pink?

Beta Pink is a universally renowned matchmaker with eons of experience in love. Beta is certified in Electromagnetic Harmonization Technique (EHT), Quantum Equilateral Asrologics (QqA),  and Biochemical Attractant Analysis  (BAA) from the Andromeda Academy.  In 2062 Beta was awarded the special Local Group Laurel for contributions to love. Aside from match divination she is also the host of Beta Pink’s Space Bar, a travelling cosmic hideaway. Beta enjoys mylar, sound art, chromaticity and telephones.

What is Beta Pink’s success rate?


How does Beta Pink divine?

Trade secrets.

Is OK Object a free service?


Beta loves love. (She also accumulates cosmic karmic ratings).

How does a divined match manifest?

Beta Pink will send you an email.

Is this more of a “find me a find” or a “catch me a catch”?

It’s more of a matchless match.

What if I don’t like my match?

Subjunctive Impossibility.

Will the Space Bar be on a vector of relative motion counter to my terrestrial lifestyle that may have a non-zero effect on my ability to maintain the expansion of my dating horizons after 10-04-2054 00:00 UTC-8?

Yes or no

Should I bring wine, coloured smoke, an assortment of iridescent pebbles, or other offerings conventionally thought to increase the potential of intimate bonding to The Space Bar?

Beta encourages you to share your conventions and practices with your match. If you have desires or expectations, stating them at the onset will clarify the relationality. Within the process you may find new ways of demonstrating interest and new desires.

Can Beta Pink recommend a mental augmentation to give my vibe that twilight neon glow?

On earth, unfortunately not. However, you might find these helpful:

Neon Lights 
Aura Changing Instructional Video

Are we going home together?

How big are your pockets?

More questions?

Contact Beta: The Beta Pink @ gmail.com